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45W LED Grow light

45W  LED Grow light 45W  LED Grow light 45W  LED Grow light 45W  LED Grow light

Product name:45W LED Grow light



Input Voltage: AC100240V  
Frequency Range: 50Hz-60Hz
Nominal  Power: 58W
Actual  Power: 45W
LED Chip: SMD2835  0.2W Red  112PCS
SMD2835  0.2W Orange  104PCS
SMD2835  0.2W White  24PCS
SMD2835  0.2W Blue  49PCS
Brightness Ratio: R:B :O:W     6:2:5:5 -7:2:6:6
LED Wavelength: Red  620-625nm
Orange 600-605nm
White  6000-6500K 
Blue 460-465nm
Dimming Mode: PWM Dimmer (0-100%)
IP Rate: IP65
Body Size:  300*300*10mm
PAR  136μmol/m2·s  (0.3M height)
65μmol/m2·s  (0.5M height)
18μmol/m2·s  (1.0M height)
12μmol/m2·s  (1.5M height)
6μmol/m2·s  (2.0M height)
Covering Area:  0.505M*0.505M  (0.3M height)  
0.662M*0.662M  (0.5M height)  
1.054M*1.054M  (1.0M height)  
1.446M*1.446M  (1.5M height)  
1.838*1.838M  (2.0M height)  
Material:  Aluminum Alloy + PMMA cover 
Net Weight: 1.2Kg/PCS                       
Package Size: 45*35*4.5 CM  1PCS/Carton
Gross Weight: 1.6Kg/PCS
MEAS: 47*47*37CM  10PCS/Carton
Total Weight: 17Kg/Carton

  • New Upgrade 45W LED Grow Light: Design with 225pcs 0.2watt super bright LEDs, 60 degree reflector cup, higher PAR/Lumen output per watt than other old 45watt grow light, better for grow indoor plants, maximize Growth.
  • Upgraded Spectrum: Basis on the old 45W led grow light (only red 630~660nm and blue 460nm spectrum) on the market, upgraded spectrum add white 6000~6500k, UV 380~400nm, IR 730~740nm, upgraded to more effective full spectrum, especially seeding and bloom.
  • Upgraded Heat Dissipation: Basis on the old light (ABS and paper case), we upgraded new aluminum case, prevents scratches on the surface, increase heat dissipation area, better heat dissipation, more safe.
  • Upgraded Hanging Kit and Switch: From the previous fragile and cumbersome bolt hanging system, upgrade to strong hook system, and we have designed the on-line switch, easy to set up and use.
  • Worry-Free Warranty: 12 months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee, 100% money back.

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